How Much Will it Cost to TRAVEL to PERU.

How much it will cost to travel to Peru on vacation will depend on a number of factors.  

1) How many people are traveling:

Most vacation packages are based on double coccupancy. Single travelers will typically pay a supplemental charge, and although more may pay less for certain activities and transportation the need additional rooms is sometimes difficult to calculate. For instance if a room can only accommodate 4 and there are 5 in your party, you will be increasing your perperson rate by the cost of another room for only one person.  Therefore it is easier to calculate based on 2 travelers.

2) The level of travel, transfers,  accommodations, meals and activities you are comfortable with, both personally and financially.

There is no doubt that you can travel more inexpensively in Peru than most European, and many South American countries. It is not difficult to find very inexpensive accommodations, restauants with decent meals for a few dollars, and there are transprotation options that while crowded, will get you to your detination eventually for very little money.

If on the other hand you like your creature comforts, and can't wait to sample Lima's trendiest new restaurants, well that will not be easy on a shoestring.  The good news is that other than the most remoste locations there is a wide range of options.

3) How many days will you spend in Peru, and how many different Peru destinations do you want to visit.

This is self explanatory, although if you plan to spen a month or more it may be possible to negotiate lower monthly rates.

4) Whether you travel independently or with a group, and how you book your vacation.

Group vacations can save you money, and take the decision making out traveling to Peru, but you will be with a group of people for the entire vacation, and will have less optional time to persue your own interests.

5) The time of the year you expect to travel.



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Center of the Incan universe
Cuzco - The epicenter of    Inca civilization
The mother of all Incan ruins
Machu Picchu
Pisac Market is one of Peru's most colorful experiences
Sacred Valley
Lima has a wealth of churches and cathedrals from the colonial era.
Lima - 48 Hours in Peru's Capital City.
By train of on foot.  Your choice.
Getting to Machu Picchu by train or Hiking the Inca Trail. 
Machu Picchu's sister town and Sanctuary Lodge is a once on a lifetime experience
Agua Calientes
Incomparable Ceviche in Lima Peru
Chez Wong:  Lima's Incomparable Ceviche.
Peru's steaming Amazon
Peruvian Amazon


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