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    Chez Wong

    Incomparable Ceviche

    Felipe Elejalde visits childhood friend, Chef Javier Wong Chong for the best ceviche in Lima, which to connoisseurs means the best in the world.

Chez Wong
114 Calle Enrique León García
Lima , Peru

Incomparable Ceviche

Everyone knows that the best ceviche in the world can be found in Peru, but what may be a surprise is that Lima's most lauded Ceviche chef is the son of Chinese immigrants, and he learned his craft at his parents' grocery in the ‘barrio’ of Balconcillo.

My friendship with Javier Wong Chong goes back to our childhood so it is a great joy to watch him prepare incomparable delicacies of flounder and octopus right in front of his admiring diners. Javier's recipe for success is the combination of right from the sea freshness and the secret ingredients that he uses to bring his his ceviches and wok ‘saltados’ to life.

The ceviche is the best I have ever tasted during my decades in Peru, and in Peruvian restaurants throughout the world. It is simply incomparable. It is mesmerizing to watch Chef Wong prepare sizzling fish and mushrooms wok creations as  flames lick the morsels from outside the traditional concave pan.  The results are, as with his ceviche, are spectacularly delicious. Anyone having the privilege to eat here will surrender to the exquisite food. The restaurant itself is completely non-descript, just a door with a number, not even a sign indicating that the place is a restaurant, but none is necessary. Those who know are here to eat what the chef is cooking (there is no menu) and wash it down with the one type of beer or soda that is available.

A meal at Chez Wong is a uniquely Peruvian experience, and one that should not be missed by food lovers visiting Lima. Lunch is the only meal served at Chez Wong so get there early, and be prepared for the best of the best.

Felipe Elejalde


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