Enrique León García 114,

Santa Catalina, La Victoria

51 14706217

Chez Wong is quite simply in a league of its own. Javier Wong is the chef behind this amazing 20-seater restaurant in his own home. Over a decade ago, he started a restaurant in his garage and now it has taken over the whole house. There is no menu. Every dish is different, every time. He only cooks with dover sole and octopus and the only options you have are “Sweet or sour?”, “Hot or cold?” From this he makes ceviches and tiraditos, as well as wok-cooked dishes. This is not fine dining; it is spine-tingling ‘don't mess with me, I will give you a big wet kiss’ dining. His dishes are the most characterful, funky, punky dishes you will ever eat. They are sublime. Prime ministers, Hollywood actors, and humble locals cram in Monday to Friday between 12 and 3pm. It is closed at all other times. 


175 Cantuarias

Lima, Peru

Telephone: 51 1 242-5387

Praised as one of the world's most innovative chefs, Gastón Acurio has established outposts of his restaurants in Madrid and Santiago. In a colonial-era house, traditional dishes like roast suckling pig with tacu-tacu (Peru's version of beans and rice) get a modern twist. Lima-born Acurio’s menu is full of surprises: a “shot” of sea urchin emulsion mixed with cappuccino; spicy rabbit spring rolls. Plus, it has the city’s best selection of Latin American wines (try the Uruguayan Pisano Tannat).


E363 Belmondo Alcedo

Lima, Peru

51 14706217

A self-made Lima legend, chef Teresa Izquierdo Gonzáles opened this restaurant in 1978 to serve classic, home-cooked Peruvian and Creole dishes. Contrary to its name, which translates to "the corner place that no one knows," this Lince District eatery has become a favorite for classic Peruvian dishes—like thetacu-tacu (beans and rice) and the causa (layers of mashed potatoes, avocado, and chicken or tuna). The white building is smartly designed with shrubbery outside, while inside, the casual dining room has homey yellow walls, brick-like tiling and simple wooden furniture.


1278 Reducto

Lima, Peru

51 1 242-9009

Although the minimalist white façade evokes a Miami vibe, this Miraflores restaurant specializes in traditional cuisine from Chiclayo, one of three provinces in Peru’s northern Lambayeque region. Inside, orange-cushioned chairs, tropical flowers, and potted palms add a splash of color to the otherwise black and white dining room. Created by chef-owner Héctor Solís, the menu includes such specialties ascabrito de leche (milk-stewed goat) and arroz con pato (Peruvian duck with seasoned rice). The restaurant is also known for its ceviche a la brasa, a traditional ceviche that’s quickly seared to impart a subtle smoky flavor.


770 Av. La Mar

Lima, Peru

51 1 421-3365

You can’t come to Lima without sampling Peru’s most famous dish—ceviche. And this is the best place to try it. The bamboo-roof restaurant is a hot spot for Lima’s beautiful people and doesn’t take reservations. But it’s worth the wait for the house specialties, such as tuna, sesame, and tamarind, or sea bass and octopus with chile.


Chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino is for me Peru's top fine dining chef. Over the last few years he has built up a reputation making the most stunning dishes with some of Peru's lesser-known ingredients, in particular those which come from Peru's Amazon. 

From the previous owners of the legendary Pescados Capitales, this hot new restaurant is housed in a stunningly beautiful colonial building in Barranco. Delicious ceviches, arroz con pato and the best Coca Sour (Pisco infused in coca leaves and then made into a cocktail). It is innovative yet authentic in a great setting.



Top chef Rafael Osterling’s relatively new restaurant. It’s hip, fun, friendly and its food is absolutely delicious. 

You have to go. But only on a sunny day and during the daytime. It’s at the end of a pier, in the middle of the sea, with views all around. You can hear Pacific waves crashing into the restaurant's stilts, admire Lima's beautiful sunset (at around 5.30pm) and you can almost smell the fresh seafood being caught. BBC legend John Simpson once wrote that it was one of his favourite restaurants in the world.

Located in the middle of the stunning 5th Century ruins of La Huaca Pucllana, right in the heart of Lima, the setting couldn’t be more impressive. By day you can wonder at the beauty of the ruins and by night, they are lit up, making the restaurant’s environs even more dramatic. The food is equally impressive: at once classic and classy, and all from one of Peru's top chefs Marilú Madueño.

This would be my choice for snacks or a quick lunch. It's in the heart of Miraflores next to Kennedy Park. Peruvian sandwiches are something very special. Try pork with salsa criolla and one of their fresh fruit juices like chirimoya. It would be a dream if one of these existed in the UK.



When it comes to the best hole in the wall, there’s no question: it has to be La Paisana. Try ceviche de mero and sudado de mero which are freshly made by Doña Sebastiana and her team. She is an award-winning restaurateur who came from the north of the country, started with nothing and now has this lovely neighbourhood restaurant. People flock from all over Lima just to eat here for lunch. 

Calle Manuel Segura 115, (antes N.Fonseca)


51 1 477-3119

For great late-night fun filled with tradition, culture, food, live music, dance and comedy I suggest you go to a peña. These are late night traditional cabarets that start at 10pm from Thursday to Saturday – booking necessary. Locals and visitors of all ages are welcome. My favourite is La Peña de Don Porfirio. They also have the best recipe for their lomo saltado sauce anywhere in Lima. 

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