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Center of the Incan universe
Cuzco - The epicenter of    Inca civilization
The mother of all Incan ruins
Machu Picchu
Pisac Market is one of Peru's most colorful experiences
Sacred Valley
Lima has a wealth of churches and cathedrals from the colonial era.
Lima - 48 Hours in Peru's Capital City.
By train of on foot.  Your choice.
Getting to Machu Picchu by train or Hiking the Inca Trail. 
Machu Picchu's sister town and Sanctuary Lodge is a once on a lifetime experience
Agua Calientes
Incomparable Ceviche in Lima Peru
Chez Wong:  Lima's Incomparable Ceviche.
Peru's steaming Amazon
Peruvian Amazon




With so much to see in Peru it would be easy to overlook one of Latin America's most compelling and beautiful cities. Lima which has evolved into a sophisticated metropolis. From the affluence of Miraflores, to the beachfronts of Costa Verde and Barranco, the trendy boutiques, massive shopping plazas. Lima is also the heart of South America's gastronomic galaxy and for good reason. Lima's cuisine is incredibly varied, and has been shaped by the historical diversity of its immigrant population from Spain, China, Italy, West Africa, and Japan, as it blended with the traditional foods and preparations of the Incan and indigenous cultures. A staggering range of classic and nouvelle fusion cuisines can be sampled in the restaurants of Mira Flores, and Barranco, where you'll find many of Lima's hot bars and clubs. Music is as common as breathing in Lima and great places to enjoy Peru's eclectic musical styles abound.

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